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Gain support for your digestive issues


Do you feel you have a ‘sensitive stomach’ or feel there’s something ‘not right’ with your gut health?
Are you tired of stomach pain and spasms, wind, constant belching, bloating
Do you suffer from severe
constipation or having to rush to the toilet with regular diarrhoea?
Perhaps you feel worried leaving the house thinking about where the next toilet is?
Are you are self-conscious about your ‘noisy’ tummy?
Do you experience frustration and feel your symptoms are just so hard to deal with daily?
Perhaps this is something you have been battling for years. 

You may have been medically diagnosed with a digestive disorder (e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)) and are unsure what you should eat to support this? Perhaps you react to certain foods, have food allergies or food intolerances and you are worried because your diet is becoming more and more limited. 


diets you’ve found when researching answers, that supplement your friend suggested…..but nothing seems to work. You’ve been left with more questions than answers and feeling defeated because you don’t know what else to do. A calm digestive system feels like a dream out of reach.

I understand you! 

emma robinson
Healthy Salad

Hi, I'm Emma, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, in Stowmarket, Suffolk, specialising in Digestive Health

I help women and men who are struggling with digestive issues, to support them on their journey to better health. I guide them to make dietary and lifestyle changes to support their digestive system and help them feel their best self. I believe no one needs to live with the pain or embarrassment of digestive trouble. I can help you!

About me

BSc (Hons), MSc, BANT, CNHC

I can help you believe that change is possible! Do you want to start your journey to a more enthusiastic, vibrant you? Clients say working with me has changed their lives…. you can be one of them!

I’m on a mission to support women and men to get their digestion back on track, helping them to manage their digestive symptoms through the science of nutrition, allowing them to thrive and live a life they love!

My aim is that my client’s feel that their continuous health questions are answered, that they feel knowledgeable and focused on what their next steps are and that they feel excited and optimistic about their future health.

Our sessions will be a safe space, with no judgement and continuous support. Together we will understand your symptoms and what is ‘going on’ and then come up with a focused nutrition and lifestyle plan. The changes are your changes, decided by you, with the assistance of me and they will therefore be focused and personal, with consideration to your own challenges!

Emma's passion

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in what we eat, how we eat it and why we eat it! I have a real passion for understanding and learning about the impact food has on our body systems, particularly digestive functioning and intern our overall health. I have first-hand experience of the impact different nutrition habits can have on our digestive health and how we feel, which makes me more enthusiastic about wanting to help my client’s, as I realise the true benefit of good Nutrition and a healthy relationship with food. 

To grow my knowledge, fuel my passion and become a Nutritionist, I studied a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with Honours in Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University, where I achieved a first-class honours and received the award of the ‘Best Nutrition Undergraduate’ in 2016. I then went on to study a Master of Science (MSc) in Nutritional Therapy at The University of W
orcester, to develop my approach to become more personalised, client focused, and evidence based.

emma robinson
CNHC logo - transparent2.png

I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and registered with the Complementary and Healthcare Council (CNHC). I abide to their code of conduct and engage in regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) including seminars and conferences to further my knowledge and keep up to date with research developments in the health and nutrition field. My job is very rewarding - supporting clients on their health journey and seeing them transform into a more enthusiast, happier, healthier them!


Ethos & Values

Evidence Based

All nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and guidelines are of high quality and are underpinned by the latest scientific evidence.


Care is at the heart of all client sessions; all client’s will feel supported and encouraged on their health journey. 


Everybody is different, so why should our health journey be the same! All client’s nutrition and lifestyle guidance is tailored specifically to them. A detailed understanding of their health background, symptoms and what changes are realistic, and achievable for them as an individual is an important focus.



It’s important for recommendations to be in ‘the real world’, with an understanding that we all live busy lives and changes need to be realistic and practical.  

Functional Medicine Approach

Informed by the Functional Medicine Model, the overall approach dives into the root issue underpinning the client’s digestive health concerns, allowing a focus for symptom support through the science of Nutritional Therapy.  

Ethos & Vaues
Work with Emma Robinson

Work with Emma

‘The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do’

I offer consultations on the phone, online (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) and In-Person from Bury Physio, a Health and Wellbeing Clinic, based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. 


Work with Emma


Have you had enough of the embarrassment, pain and worry your digestive issues are giving you? I understand you. I would love to help you prioritise your health and yourself! 

I offer 1-1 consultations designed to address your individual needs and help you achieve long lasting results. Together we will gain an understanding of your 'root issues', symptoms and health history and together create a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan. 


All consultations are tailored to the individual client - so you will receive the support that is right for you. 

All Consultations include:

Prior to initial consultation:

Medical history and health questionnaire will be sent to you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your symptoms 

Food diary analysis (three-day food diary will be sent prior to your consultation)

Programme Overview

Consultations will provide:

A detailed understanding of your health history, family history, symptoms, diet and lifestyle 

Comprehensive nutrition education and explanation of digestive issues to support your changes 

Identifying your specific health goals 

An in-depth personalised nutrition protocol 

Bespoke lifestyle changes and recommendations 

Personalised functional testing recommendations, if you require (e.g. food intolerance testing, digestive function testing), interpretation and presentation of results * 

Carefully selected supplement recommendations (if appropriate for you) and 10% discount on supplement purchases *

Current medication and nutrient interactions are assessed 

Possible nutrient depletions from current medications are discussed 

Resources, recipes, meal plan ideas and additional support is included 

A personalised summary report will be sent after each consultation (this will be written specifically for you post initial consultation and after each following session). This includes your suggested dietary, lifestyle changes and protocols along with supplement and testing recommendations if necessary.

*Functional testing and supplement purchases are not included in the consultation price 

Continuous support:

The sessions are designed to support and encourage you on your health journey.  


In your sessions your progress and next steps will be discussed, they are an opportunity to ask any questions you many have, personal challenges are considered, as well as reinforcing your knowledge and motivation. Further recommendations to support your digestive symptoms and overall health are always given. 

Orange and Coconut

"Emma’s overall approach was fantastic and what was great was the way she conducted every single consultation, she has great knowledge, everything was clear and explained really well. All her advice has helped me to achieve my nutrition goals and I could not be happier. Thank you so much for all your help and advice Emma, it was great to have you as my nutritionist"



Initial consultation (90 mins) £120

Follow up consultations (45 mins) £60

Stuffed Avocado

“I had been suffering from bloating, severe stomach pain and bouts of diarrhoea for years and considered that I could have a gluten intolerance. I contacted Emma and she has been so helpful, kind and supportive. I have been taking supplements to support my gut and have changed my diet with Emma's advice and support. My symptoms have improved greatly and I am feeling so much healthier, thanks to Emma”

— Janet Melero

“I contacted Emma in desperation. I have suffered with extreme IBS for over 40yrs. Bloating, stomach cramps and daily tummyache have made my life very difficult at times. Over the years, I have tried so many elimination diets, treatments and supplements to address this problem.

I found Emma to be very friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring. She suggested a specimen test I could access if I would like which may show in detail the state of my gut. I did this and as a result have followed Emma's dietary advice and taken the supplements she recommended. We have had regular follow up consultations and I rarely have any of the stomach issues now which has greatly enhanced my daily life. I would highly recommend Emma”

— Gill Carter

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